Sonya Dunbar

3 Ways to Protect Mobile Dentistry Staff and Patients During the Pandemic


Recently, the world has had an uptick in COVID-19 cases, leaving a lot of medical professionals once again worried about the safety of their families, patients, and themselves.

Now that many businesses are at risk of closing down and people are adjusting to the new normal of social distancing, mobile dentistry is in the limelight.

With the increase in patients, it’s important for mobile dentists to have their businesses running as safely and efficiently as possible. The Geriatric Toothfairy offers consultations that can help you prepare for success.

For now, here are 3 tips that will help you keep yourself, your staff, and your patients safe and healthy during this spike.

1. Environmental Awareness

Due to the fact that providing oral operations produces a lot of aerosols, dentists and hygienists need to be hyper-aware of the environment they are working in. The CDC has many recommendations for dental facilities that can be very helpful in preventing the spread of COVID.

Mobile dentistry staff should be particularly mindful of:

  • Direction of airflow
  • Patient orientation (where their heads are facing)
  • Extra time needed for proper sterilization

If performing work at a long-term care facility, make sure your patients remain at least 6 feet apart and, if possible, have physical barriers between them while they wait for service.

Only Perform Urgent Services

While maintaining a routine of frequent checkups and cleanings is important, there will be times in which your staff will have to cancel appointments in order to keep everyone safe.

If your patients are suspected of having COVID or are under mandatory quarantine, postpone all of their appointments unless there is a critical service that needs to be provided.

Only provide dental care to these patients if it is absolutely medically necessary and follow all safety guidelines if you have to do so.


Communicate Everything

Communicate as much and as well as possible! This is one of the most important things you can do for your staff and patients!

Make sure everyone is on the same page about the steps to take if there is a suspected or confirmed case. Explain to patients and staff that if they have any symptoms, they need to stay home or postpone an appointment.

Be honest about any possible contact that you’ve had with infected people and encourage your team members and staff to do the same.

Beyond this, it’s critical to keep your staff knowledgeable and trained on how to keep themselves safe.

With the uncertainty of the pandemic, professionals like us are necessary for the community, so if you’ve thought about a career in mobile dentistry, now is the time.

I offer Mobile Dental consulting where I share over 15 years of experience in the field and my tool kit to success. Together, we can make your mobile dentistry business take off.

Let’s make your vision a reality!

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