Visiting the dentist is, unfortunately, a privilege that a lot of seniors don’t have the access to. It is my life’s mission to change this fact.

Mobile dentistry has allowed me the ability to bridge that gap for the older adults in my community. I also offer training courses to help others do the same.
By having more frequent checkups, seniors have the opportunity to live richer and healthier lives. Receiving monthly dental visits can provide a lot of benefits to older adults, some that go far beyond just oral health.

1. Avoid Tooth Loss

Gingivitis and periodontal disease are two very big risks for seniors, particularly those that have difficulty taking care of themselves. This can easily lead to tooth loss, which in turn produces a variety of issues and complications.

Losing just one tooth can cause a lot of problems, such as misplacing the opposite tooth or injuring other teeth. It can also lead to cavities and gum damage and is extremely painful and almost debilitating to live with.

2. Better Social Life

The social life of a senior heavily correlates with their overall wellness, so it’s important to make sure older adults are able to enjoy the company of others as much as possible.

Despite this, it can be difficult to socialize as an older adult, and having dental issues can cause a loss of self-esteem that many seniors might find hard to overcome.

Missing teeth and bad breath can lead to a lot of shame and embarrassment for seniors, which can, in turn, cause them to avoid social situations. Being that self-conscious can prevent seniors from enjoying their time with others, and can lead to them isolating themselves and suffering from depression.

3. Enjoy Meals

Oral disease and tooth loss also complicate a person’s ability to eat properly.

Pain while chewing, inability to eat certain foods, and constant discomfort will not only lower a senior’s quality of life, but it will also prevent them from properly feeding themselves and receiving the nutrition that is necessary for them.

4. Detect Complications

Dental checkups have the ability to detect early signs of many diseases, oral and otherwise, and can therefore allow for preventative care before anything becomes serious.

It can also help prevent further complications by maintaining a better quality of care and hygiene.

Providing frequent access to dental care to seniors is one of the most important things one can do to keep them healthy.

That is why the Geriatric Toothfairy offers a certified oral health training course to aid you in providing the best possible care to the seniors in your facility. During this in-staff, interactive course, we’ll discuss oral care for older adults, from denture care to handling dementia.

Let’s help our seniors live their best lives!