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With the increasing diversity of patients, it is increasingly becoming important for dental practitioners to understand the social and cultural factors that influence the health and treatment of the patients.

For example, one study showed that African Americans had more adverse oral health perceptions and incidence of dental disease than Asian Americans. This was attributed to cultural influences that impact perceptions and behaviors that affect oral health. This information will help these communities receive better treatment.

Senior Dental Care

Geriatric Oral Care: Myths Versus Facts

I have always loved smiling. When I was much younger, I created the smile and stare game where I would stare at people until they cracked a smile.

I fell in love with capturing smiles at a young age, and I continue to love the warm feeling that it gives me. Madea would always say that a smile is something that you can give away and still keep for yourself. These nuggets of wisdom made me who I am today.

Sonya Dunbar Journals

Best Practices in Geriatric Oral Care

I wasn’t always the Geriatric Tooth fairy. This superpower and passion took some time to brew and develop.

I had a rough upbringing, but there were subtle rays of light that lit up my life every summer that I spent with my grandmother, who I affectionately called “Madea.” She was not “just” my grandmother; she was my mentor, aspiration, my everything.

Sonya Dunbar Journals

Do Not Use Mouthwash Directly After Brushing Your Teeth

Most people know that regular brushing and flossing is vital to the health of teeth and gums.

But questions about the use of mouthwash still linger. If no one has cleared up these questions for you, follow along.

The most common question that I’ve come across when providing dental services for seniors is whether people should use mouthwash straight after brushing their teeth.

This is a wonderful question because using mouthwash is a wonderful addition to your oral care routine, especially if you suffer from bad breath.