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You are here because you want to pursue your dreams of providing mobile
dental services.
You would like to start your own business.
You want to extend your practice outside of a brick-and-mortar office.

In this value-packed, 4-week workshop

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Calling all dentists, dental hygienists, consultants, and dental assistants who want to increase their knowledge on starting a mobile dental company!

You have dreamt of starting a mobile dental clinic, reaching marginalized groups, and expanding your business while doing what you love. Yet for some reason (other than the pandemic) this dream has not come true.

This is why I have created this Mobile Dental Workshop. This workshop will empower you to take the bold step of starting your mobile dental business and to help you perfect your skills of operating it.

This workshop consists of a carefully selected intimate group that will allow you to be seen and heard. You will also receive the guidance needed to help you leap and follow your dreams to become an owner of a mobile dental clinic.

After receiving this guidance from Sonya Dunbar, a sought-after dental professional and speaker, spending 4 weeks surrounded with like-minded peers, and mapping out your mobile dental business, you will be empowered to start your business as soon as you leave the workshop.

Close your eyes and imagine just how happy you’d be after offering excellent dental services to the people who need it the most.

Imagine a line of happy patients and family members waiting to thank you for your services and telling you what this means to them. They are ready to recommend the services of your mobile dental clinic because they want other patients to benefit from your services as well.

Receiving tons of patients every week becomes consistent because you focus on offering excellent care, building and nurturing relationships with your patients when you are at their home/ workplace/long-term care facility or long after they are gone.

This isn’t a fantasy, it can be your reality. I know these were my dreams several years ago.

I remember putting on my scrubs and dragging my equipment into a nursing home facility thinking “there has got to be more.”

Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do. Even when I wasn’t known all over the world I have always loved serving the greatest generation. But, I had this longing deep inside of me to do greater things and impact more people for the better.

I knew that I would be limited if I didn’t take the leap and go “rogue”. So, I did and I haven’t looked back since. I swam through shark-infested waters to become an oral care educator. It was tough, but I made it and it is better than I ever imagined. I’ve swam back to shore with life jackets to bring a couple of you to the other side with me.

That’s why I created the Leap Mobile Dental Workshop. To help you start your dental mobile clinic from the ground up so you can serve more patients, create an impact, and generate income.

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4 Week Course Overview

Over the course of 4 weeks you will:

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Workshop Investment Only $997