Sonya Dunbar

Why Mobile Dentistry Is So Important for Seniors’ Long-Term Health


As the Geriatric Toothfairy, I am always reminding healthcare providers that oral health is one of the main keys to preserving the lives of the greatest generation! 

While getting an annual checkup and exercising regularly are certainly essential, making frequent trips to a dental professional is a lot more helpful at keeping older adults healthy than people think.

The CDC estimates that over 15% of all ER visits are made by patients 65 and over. Of those 15%, 2 out of 3 seniors were nursery home residents.

These facts raise a couple of questions: How do we lower these numbers and minimize these risks? How can we help keep our seniors out of the ER and improve the quality of their long-term health?

The answer is very simple: Take MAJOR preventative measures.

The Preventative Benefits of Mobile Dentistry

Mobile dentistry has the advantage of coming to the client, making it much easier for seniors who have difficulty leaving home or live in less populated areas to receive the care they need.

Long-term care facilities can also benefit from the ease of access since multiple seniors can be cared for on the same day without having to take them to an office or set a lot of different appointments.

With the ability to provide service to more seniors, mobile dentistry is also crucial in spotting early indicators of multiple types of diseases and potential health hazards, allowing patients to seek care before it becomes a larger issue.

During preventative visits, dental professionals can detect signs of:

  • Tooth loss
  • Heart disease
  • Cancer
  • Gum disease
  • Pneumonia

Mobile dental professionals are crucial in lowering the percentage of seniors that end up in the ER, so it’s important for them to be as knowledgeable in their field and how to care for their patients as possible.We offer certified oral health training to dental professionals and their staff which covers leadership, caring for dementia patients, and other aspects of daily comprehensive oral care.

Providing Care

By making dental care more accessible, mobile dentistry is in an exceptional position to drive forward the movement to keep our seniors healthy.

Long-term care facilities need mobile dentistry companies that can provide quality care to their seniors in the easiest and most convenient way possible.

Monthly oral care, which can sometimes only be provided through mobile dentistry, can prevent the possibility of oral diseases complicating the health of older adults. It’s important for us to normalize constant visits with dental professionals in order to keep our seniors safe.

The Geriatric Toothfairy understands the importance of knowledge and training in the mobile dentistry field. We offer specialized, interactive training for dental professionals, caregivers, RN’s, and more. Our goal is to ensure the best possible care for the greatest generation by helping others do the same.

Let’s make your vision a reality!

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